My professional practice draws on twenty years of industry experience, but I am also constantly informed by up-to-date design, communication and creative industry research, as well as my own ongoing research.

My PhD research used unique methodologies to investigate the everyday professional relationships between designers and stakeholders such as editors, salespeople, printers and developers. This lead to new findings about designers’ relationships with stakeholders. I am now expanding my new methodology and adapting it for use as an educational and professional development tool. The aim is to continue to help designers and non-designers work together more efficiently and collaboratively.

Recent academic publishing

Graphic design and artificial intelligence | Interdisciplinary challenges for designers in the search for research collaboration.

What’s the Brief? | building a discourse around the graphic design brief. PDF version of this article.

Terminology and Design Capital | Examining the status of graphic design through its practitioners’ perceptions of graphic design job titles.

Coca-Cola and design | Chapter from recent book about the Coca-Cola brand.

Re-performing design | Study looking at graphic designers’ professional interactions with stakeholders, using performative methodologies.

Photographic (In)authenticity | Discussion that looks into traditional photographic debates which sometimes occur within design and photographic practices.

Other output

Sometimes referred to as non-traditinal research outcomes, at other times artistic output, these are some recent projects that may be of interest.

I post occasional articles about design research on the blog Communication Design Academic. Most of these are extended thoughts and snippets emerging from my research.


Instant reflections, Crunchy Spaces, Melbourne, Australia. (Published, 2018)

Fragments of abstraction, Crunchy Spaces, Melbourne, Australia. (Published, 2016)