More and more organisations are bringing their design, publishing and communication services in-house. This means that, more than ever, an organisation’s greatest creative assets are its own employees. I can work with you to help ensure that staff and departments are equipped to plan, carry out and manage these design activities as effectively as possible. In addition, I can work with you and your teams to help prepare them to communicate with the diverse set of stakeholders that they need to interact with, as part of the day-to-day creative process.

Helping non-designers work with professional designers

This can include supporting, training and helping to create processes, so that non-design employees are best able to communicate and collaborate with professional designers, creative agencies and other stakeholders – whether internal or external.

Informed by years of working with numerous diverse organisations, my approach to design revolves around planning, co-operation and education. By using established as well as unique design thinking and management methods, I believe that successful design communication practices and processes can be developed by working through ideas in-house, with solutions reached using input from the whole team.

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    I carry out consultancy work through my company Astound Creative.